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soon $500
Use it on up to 100 sites
soon $160
Use it on up to 10 sites
soon $140
Use it on 1 site

The plugin will continue to work after the license expires. Your license will be valid for one year. Automatic updates, support, and license activation require a valid license. License Renewals are discounted at 40%.

*Refunds are granted according to our refund policy

Frequently Asked Questions

On what type of website can I use the Boost Plugin?
The Boost Plugin is a WordPress plugin, so you can use it on ANY websites based on WordPress
Do I have to pay every month to use it?
No, this is not a service, it’s a WordPress plugin.
Do I have to renew my lincese every year?
It’s up to you.

The plugin will continue to work on every site where it’s activated even after the license expires.

However, updates and support will require a valid license. Expired licenses can’t be activated on new domains.

The license is valid for 1 year.

You’ll be offered the chance to renew your license with a 40% discount.

How can I update the plugin?
Updates will work like for any other WordPress plugin directely from your admin area.
Does it work with forms?
Yes, it does. The plugin will automatically register the users’ names and location when they complete a form.

It works with most forms out there.

It’s possible that will not work with forms created using just JavaScript.